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What is Inoreader?

Inoreader is a powerful content reading platform, which allows you to discover and consume relevant information on any topic. It can convert any meaningful information stream into a feed and the content is curated and served at a single and convenient place - a website or an app. That’s right - no more wasted time surfing the web for relevant content!

Personalized by design, Inoreader allows you to filter the web and to receive everything important - you can build your own universe of topics, sources, monitored keywords, favorite authors, brands, and much more!

How does it work?

You choose your favorite sources of information: trusted websites, research journals, Facebook pages, important Twitter influencers, and we convert every one of them into a newsfeed. Then you organize your feeds into folders or tags and your stream is ready! The advanced features allow you to filter the incoming news according to your personal preferences.

You can follow:

  • Websites - general or specific news sites, corporate websites, research journals, blogs - anything that has an RSS channel
  • Public Facebook pages
  • Twitter accounts or topics
  • Specific keywords
  • Reddit topics
  • Telegram channels
  • Youtube channels
  • Newsletters
  • And even web pages without RSS

When you have extracted the best content from the Web, you can easily share it with your friends or colleagues. You can send it to Google Drive, Pocket, EverNote, OneNote, export it to PDF, integrate it with IFTTT or Zapier, or even broadcast it or turn it into a mail digest.

What problem does Inoreader solve?

Inoreader sets order into your content consumption. It allows you to follow specific topics, sources, newsletters, or authors and receive updates. Inoreader reduces the noise, filters the web, and declutters your inbox, thus collecting the vital information into folders, tags, or even your own personalized RSS feeds.

Inoreader addresses one of our biggest fears: the fear of missing out. With the ever-increasing information overflow, it is getting more difficult for the important stuff to reach us. We are constantly fighting the fragmented sources of information and we often miss essential updates because of the enormous amount of noise that all the news streams produce.

Inoreader will transform your content consumption. You will finally enjoy the JOMO effect: it will be a pure Joy-of-missing-out experience to skip all this noise and have only relevant articles and posts. With our Read Later feature and the Browser extension, you will be enabled to save and store any significant content for the moments when you have the time to enjoy the reading.

So? Are you ready to start your journey with Inoreader? Are you ready to take back control of your newsfeed?

Watch our short introductory video