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Final Fantasy Tactics remaster reportedly “real and happening”, giving hope for one of the series’ finest to finally come to PC

A remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics, the grid-based strategy spin-off from the RPG series that easily ranks as one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made, is reportedly in the works - giving hope of its first official PC release. Read more

Fri Jun 14, 2024 19:56
Souls devs FromSoftware also want Bloodborne on PC, even if the game's own director can’t admit it

Look, everyone wants to play Bloodborne on PC. It’s one of those universally accepted truths, like gravity or pizza being delicious. And, yes, nobody really knows why Bloodborne isn’t on PC yet, almost a decade after it released on PlayStation 4 - despite Sony’s apparent delight in bringing every other PlayStation exclusive to PC, just to mock us....

Fri Jun 14, 2024 19:05
Our Adventurer Guild is a super approachable merc management dark horse

What little rejuvenation reaches my ancient, haggard soul comes most often from pleasant little surprises like a game creeping up on me. Our Adventurer Guild is cheerfully simple in appearance, and its turn-based fights and griddy missions establish its parts at once as familiar, potentially even by-the-numbers. But those parts are arranged into...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 19:05
Reviewing the unsolicited pictures of artificial houseplants that arrived in the RPS inbox without context

The RPS inbox is a wondrous treasure-trove of distraction doubloons, some delightful, some shite-ful, and not even Outlook’s lichen-like interface can dull the luster of its offerings. In amongst the press releases, indie nuggets, and the occasional pitch for sponsored AI content (no, never), something truly exquisite peeks through the chest lid. This...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 18:00
Kunitsu-Gami: Path Of The Goddess was the best game I played at Summer Game Fest

Every so often in the ignoble craft of james gournalism you stumble on a game that reminds you why you got into this weird and silly trade, a game that slices through the phantasmagorical mulch of a million Summer Game Fest announcements and clears the portals of the brain. It seems mad to think of Kanitsu-Gami: Path Of The Goddess this way, given...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 17:41
Disco Elysium studio bosses humiliated the cancelled expansion's lead writer for speaking to journalists, claims report

Back in February, Graham wrote about potential redundancies at Disco Elysium studio ZA/UM following the cancellation of a standalone expansion to that game, codenamed X7. Now, PC Gamer’s Ted Litchfield has spoken to 12 current and former employees about the circumstances surrounding the cancellation, notably the details of the layoffs, the expansion,...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 13:44

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