Ако информацията е вашият бизнес, Inoreader е вашето решение

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Get content from websites, journals, blogs, newsletters, and social media.


Utilize automation rules, content filters, and instant translations.


Share insights with email digests, export, or broadcast to your Team.

With an Enterprise plan, all users get:

  • Access to Pro features
  • Екипно табло
  • Имейл бюлетини
  • Unlimited RSS feeds
  • Канали на екип
  • Slack/Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Onboarding session
  • Collaborative tags
  • API достъп
  • Приоритетна поддръжка
  • Пакети с емисии
  • Customizable output feeds
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Примери от практиката

Brand monitoring simplified

As a communications professional juggling multiple clients or brands, monitoring all streams of information and keeping stakeholders up to date can be time-consuming and exhausting. Instead of manually browsing the internet, collecting and sharing updates, you can automate the process and focus on the creative instead.

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Research for public institutions

Tasked with keeping track of the latest news, social media mentions, and changes in the public discourse, government agencies often need help managing incoming streams of information. By automating the processes of content aggregation, monitoring, and reporting, your team can focus on in-depth analysis of the collected data and making better-informed decisions.

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Helping editorial teams stay sane

Do you spend most of your day scrolling through a bunch of websites, searching for the news that truly matters? There’s no need to anymore. Try a brand new approach where the information comes straight to you while you focus on interpreting and transforming it into powerful stories!

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