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You Can Try Every Adobe Creative Cloud App for $30

Creative types know all too well how many apps come on the market every year promising to help them execute their vision. While many of these programs are great, unfortunately that means a whole lot of subscription fees and App Store purchases for those who need a bunch of different tools to handle different aspects…Read more...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 06:39
Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2023

This year’s WWDC is one for the history books. Apple made is usual software announcements, introducing iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and watchOS 10, and even introduced the largest MacBook Air yet. However, the talk of the town won’t be the next iPhone update or the 15-inch MacBook Air: It’s definitely the new…Read more...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 00:40
The 10 Best New Features in watchOS 10

It’s WWDC time again, which means Apple is showing off the new features in its suite of operating systems—including, this year, a huge update for the software that powers Apple Watch. Currently available in beta and expected to launch later this year, watchOS 10 boasts lots of new features, including enhanced watch…Read more...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 00:18
Pancake Bread Pretty Much Makes Itself

My best breakfast days are right after a grocery shop, when the fridge is stocked with everything I need. This is shortly followed by the awkward days before my next shop, in which I Frankenstein meals together with random cabinet finds. It was during such an awkward day that I discovered pancake bread. Read more...

Mon Jun 5, 2023 23:40
You Can Get a Deeper Connect Mini VPN for Over 40% Off Right Now

If you’re concerned about targeted advertising, data mining, and other online privacy issues, you may want to start using a VPNs—a simple, effective way to help secure your browsing and conceal your digital footprint. If you want a VPN that also comes with a personal firewall, you should consider the Deeper Connect…Read more...

Mon Jun 5, 2023 23:10
12 Podcasts That Explore the Weirder Corners of the Internet

The internet is a place full of dark corners, deep rabbit holes, endless mazes, and wild threads. But with the chaos comes storytelling gold: These 12 podcasts use communities like Reddit, Yelp, Twitter, and Tumblr to launch into a different part of the digital world, with their hosts as your able tour guides. Buckle…Read more...

Mon Jun 5, 2023 22:40

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