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Livvy rizzed up Baby Gronk, the new Drip King meme explained

This week, a nearly incomprehensible meme surfaced online. It was, in its most basic form, a copypasta of sorts about Livvy rizzing up Baby Gronk — or vice versa — thus transferring the title of Drip King. You'd be forgiven if that sentence reads like a toddler mashing keys. You have to be super online, very on TikTok, and kind of into sports for it...

Fri Jun 9, 2023 00:12
The 5 best AI chatbots of 2023 (so far)

2023 is the year conversational AI went mainstream. AI chatbots have been around for years, but they were mostly seen as gimmicky sideshows, ridiculed for giving unhinged responses or failing "the Nazi test." That is, until ChatGPT came along in November 2022. The popularity of OpenAI's large language model caught the world's attention, and now everyone...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 23:15
Scandoval IRL: The wild fun of a 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Part 3 watch party

At two minutes to 9 p.m. ET, a plural, piercing scream ran collectively through NYC's 310 Bowery Bar, ringing the ears and buzzing the folds of the brain. This was, but of course, a reaction the the DJ needle-dropping Scheana Shay's "Good As Gold." A normal human being has never heard this song — and if they did, they'd rightly call it subpar pop schlock...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 23:15
AI will soon be creating many of the ads you see on social media

Sometimes it seems like all the ads we see online are made by AI and, soon, they might just be.LinkedIn is joining the ranks of Google and Meta with generative AI-powered tools for advertisers. The social media site for People Who Hustle (derogatory) announced the launch of a whole suite of generative AI-based tools to suggest new copy for ads. The...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 23:15
Whoopi Goldberg urges Blizzard to release 'Diablo 4' on Mac

It turns out that Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg is a fan of the Diablo series. Unfortunately, she is also an Apple person, and Diablo IV is only available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.Goldberg took to Instagram yesterday to demand Blizzard Entertainment release a Mac port for their newest and best-selling release, Diablo IV, which has become...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 22:16
How to check your air quality as wildfire smoke pours into the U.S.

Wildfire smoke has been rushing into the U.S. like an avalanche. Seen on satellites, it looks like an unstoppable force.Now that the thick smoke — filled with tiny particles that are unhealthy to breathe — is blanketing different regions and heavily-populated areas, you'll likely want to know how bad the air is, and what air quality ratings mean.Crucially,...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 20:48

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