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Who Did Gucci Better?

Gucci was in the air at two of the most critical shows in Milan this week, writes Imran Amed.

Sat Sep 23, 2023 08:32
In Milan, Independent Labels Are Gaining Ground

In a fashion scene dominated by ultra-established heritage names, upstarts like LVMH Prize-winners Setchu and Magliano are increasingly grabbing the spotlight, as the Attico, Del Core and Sunnei pass new milestones.

Sat Sep 23, 2023 08:32
Can Lightning Strike Thrice at Gucci?

New designer Sabato De Sarno is thrown in at the deep end as the brand aims for a turnaround, writes Tim Blanks.

Sat Sep 23, 2023 07:01
The Business of Beauty Gathers Executives for an Intimate Community Event

In New York City, leaders from Shiseido, Victoria Beckham Beauty, Aēsop and Glossier joined The Business of Beauty’s executive editor, Priya Rao, to hear her insights on the evolving opportunities in the sector.

Fri Sep 22, 2023 18:57
Adidas CEO Gulden Apologises for Statements on Ye

Adidas AG chief executive officer Bjorn Gulden has apologised for questioning whether Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, really meant the antisemitic statements he made last year.

Fri Sep 22, 2023 18:57
Why Didn’t Fashion Show Up for Climate Week?

This week, New York played host to one of the world’s largest climate confabs, but there was little visible presence from fashion’s biggest companies. If the industry doesn’t pull up a seat at the table, it risks getting left behind.

Fri Sep 22, 2023 17:25

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