Reading material for vegans, vegetarians, veg-friendly, and veg-curious people. Plus some animal rights stuff, too. (Videos: Viewer discretion advised. Some videos are extremely disturbing.)
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What To Get The Cook???

You may have some cooks on your Christmas list. Maybe you are a cook yourself. Several vegan cookbooks have hit the shelves lately, and we are having a look at five of them. Disclosure: I received Decadent, Gluten-Free Baking and OATrageous Oatmeals free from the publisher in return for a review. I purchased the remaining books. In no particular order: OATrageous...

Sat Dec 13, 2014 04:19
Cost Of Becoming Vegan

Cost of Becoming Vegan by Suzanna McGee When people think of organic vegetables and fruits, they think, “It’s too expensive.” On the contrary, you will find that transitioning to plant-based nutrition will cost less, and depending on your sources, can be significantly less. If you buy your plants when they are in season, the prices will be very low....

Wed Nov 19, 2014 22:33
Vegan Parenting Priorities

Before we adopted our son, while I was researching raising vegan children I quickly realized that birthday parties were going to be a huge concern for many nonvegans. The notion of a vegan child having to abstain from nonvegan birthday cake is surprisingly appalling to many nonvegans. I brushed the issue aside and simply assumed I would always be prepared...

Sun Oct 26, 2014 20:03
AR 2014: So Much!

I attended the Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles this year, held from July 10 through the 13th, with my daughter. We arrived Thursday night and left Saturday night, so we did not attend the dinner or any of the events Sunday or Monday. Lobby of Westin The most noticeable aspect of this conference was how large it’s become: * More organizations...

Tue Aug 5, 2014 21:37
The Largest Animal Neglect Case In U.S. History

You’ve seen Earthlings and Food Inc. You’ve heard of Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, and Fast Food Nation. Maybe The Cove and Blackfish are big on your radar. Or you’ve seen Peaceable Kingdom, Fowl Play, or The Witness. Now there’s a new documentary in this vein: Turlock. Turlock is a documentary about one singular animal rescue story. But instead of...

Wed Mar 19, 2014 03:30
Veganism Is Inexpensive

It’s time to kill the myth that veganism is expensive. The truth is that being a vegan doesn’t cost much. Veganism is cheap. First, the evidence: According to a 2007 MSN MoneyCentral article, the cheapest cuts of beef, such as ground round, average $3 per pound; boneless chicken breasts cost $3.40 a pound; and canned tuna costs around $2 per pound....

Mon Feb 3, 2014 17:16

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