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Meteorite Crashes into Woman's Bed in Canada

The woman awoke to find the space rock laying next to her head -- Read more on

How to Build an Offshore Wind Farm

These huge construction projects can feature turbines taller than some skyscrapers -- Read more on

Beethoven's Unfinished 10th Symphony Brought to Life by Artificial Intelligence

Nearly 200 years after his death, the German composer’s musical scratch was pieced together by machine—with a lot of human help. -- Read more on

People Who Jump to Conclusions Show Other Kinds of Thinking Errors

Belief in conspiracy theories and overconfidence are two tendencies linked to hasty thinking -- Read more on

Was Our Universe Created in a Laboratory?

Developing quantum-gravity technologies may elevate us to a “class A” civilization, capable of creating a baby universe -- Read more on

Who Needs a COVID Booster Shot? Experts Answer Common Questions

Now that the FDA has authorized the shots for a broad range of Americans, many people want to know if they need a booster dose. Here’s what we have learned so far -- Read more on

Nanotechnology Offers New Ways to Fight an Endless Pandemic

A wave of funding focuses on antiviral nanomaterials as COVID countermeasures -- Read more on

World Leaders Meet to Address Biodiversity Crisis, But U.S. Stays on Sidelines

Negotiations are underway to update the Convention on Biological Diversity to better protect and restore nature -- Read more on

The Kavli Prize Presents: Understanding The Universe [Sponsored]

Ewine van Dishoeck received The Kavli Prize in Astrophysics in 2018 for elucidating the life cycle of interstellar clouds and the formation of stars and planets. What other mysteries of space are... -- Read more on

Large Trial Finds Oxytocin Nasal Spray Is Ineffective for Autism

The hormone is unlikely to increase sociability in most autistic children, according to a new study -- Read more on

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