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30 Ways to Troll Future Scientists By Leaving Things on Mars

Some funny and clever responses to the question "if you could place anything on mars to screw with scientists, what would it be?'

The ‘Serbian Dancing Lady’: From Urban Legend to TikTok Terror

In September of 2019, a video was posted to the Serbia Today YouTube channel showing a mysterious woman dancing in the streets under a full moon.

Woman On Slots Hot Streak Refuses to Leave Her Seat and Pisses Her Pants

Don't mess with lady luck! Especially when you're on a heater.

Libs of TikTok Failed the Green Line Test

Though Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may not have not immediately recognized Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichikt during their Capitol Hill run-in, the fine people of Twitter sure did, identifying the controversial admin and her green line test-

‘I Support Jenna’s Side’: Is the New Ligma Bait People Are Using to Troll Influencers

Ever since the infamous 2015 ‘Deez Nuts’ vine, the internet has been tricking unsuspecting victims into saying inappropriate things.

'I Make Sure My Man Nuts At Least 6 or 7 Times a Day': OnlyFans Model Talks About How Much She Pleasures Her Man

While Dick Destroyer December may be eight months away, it’s never too early to start training – just ask OnlyFans creator Vicky Banxxx, who pledged her allegiance to making her man cum 6-7 times per day.

TSA Has Now Officially Declared Peanut Butter Is a Liquid

Earlier this month, author Patrick Neve took to Twitter with a truly heart-wrenching tale of air travel woe — losing his beloved peanut butter to the TSA’s bureaucratic overlords.

Man's Proposal Foiled after Getting Absolutely Annihilated by Security Guard

I promise you, there are ways to go about this that don't end up with you getting arrested and likely hospitalized.

When Nothing Goes Right: 29 Tales of Misfortune

Get ready for a dose of schadenfreude of people having a bad day.

'The Hunger Games' Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory Explained

Though the Denver International Airport has long existed as conspiracy fodder, with some speculating its alleged ties to the Illuminati, lizard people and the impending apocalypse, these conspiracy theorists have found some friends in the most unlikely of

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