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Allbirds’ new eco-friendly Trail Runner SWT shoes are made for adventure

Made from natural fibers, these sneakers are perfect for hitting both the trails and rugged urban streets. I’ve been an Allbirds aficionado for years. I gazed longingly at the wooly soft plimsolls that my then-startup colleagues wore for months before finally caving and ordering my own. Since then, I’ve purchased pairs for every member of my family....

This new novel is a love letter to a whole era of Apple nerdery

Tamara Shopsin’s ‘LaserWriter II’ captures the feel of Tekserve, the best-loved Apple repair shop in the Tri-State region—and maybe the world. Perhaps it was inevitable, growing up in a family restaurant that had a menu legendary for its unbelievable length, that Tamara Shopsin would find herself drawn to endless printed pages. Her new novel, LaserWriter...

How the climate crisis is transforming the meaning of ‘sustainability’ in business

Companies have been taking a ‘sustainability-as-usual’ approach to the climate crisis—a slow and voluntary adoption of commitments—but that may soon come to an end. In his 2021 letter to CEOs, Larry Fink, the CEO and chairman of BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager, wrote: “No issue ranks higher than climate change on our clients’ lists...

Forget the ladder. Here’s a better framework for your professional journey

‘I started telling students to consider their careers, not as a linear progression straight up or ahead, but as a river delta—a fertile area to explore that flows toward an ultimate objective.’ Something seemed very wrong with the way I’d been taught to think about my career progression. Like so many of us, I’d heard professional journeys described...

Klobuchar: After Haugen testimony, “the switch flipped” on legislating big tech

The Minnesota Democratic senator about the effects of the whistleblower hearing in Congress and other new developments on the antitrust front. When I commented at the opening of my phone call with Senator Amy Klobuchar that things were “getting interesting” in the realm of tech regulation, she responded as if I’d just uttered an understatement the...

I’ve tested dozens of kitchen products. These are the most ingenious ones

From a toaster that steams to a multitasking Dutch oven, these are my favorite kitchen goods–the ones that have passed my multitude of tests. Over the past year, my kitchen has become a testing ground for Recommender potentials. On any given week, I could be putting a new Dutch oven or frying pan on my stovetop, experimenting for durability, ease of...

From ‘Squid Game’ to Shiba Inu, 6 easy Halloween costume ideas inspired by memes and pop culture

After a year and a half of pajamas and sweatpants, we know it’s harder than ever to pry warm, comfy clothing from your cold, pandemic hands. Halloween is nearing, and based on loosened public health guidelines and a cursory scan of grocery store candy aisles, it’s going to be a block party. Trick-or-treating is greenlit and brands are churning out...

Apple Watch Series 7 review: For runners, this is the best smartwatch yet

If you use a watch to track your runs and keep yourself entertained on the go, the new watch’s bigger screen and faster charging make a difference. Over the past week, I’ve been running with the new Apple Watch 7, which goes on sale today. While the new watch is a package of incremental improvements over the previous model, some of the changes impact...

To stay focused on your work, create a to-do list. Then burn it

Go ahead and trash your daily planner. And see how you feel. I once had a job where every day, I’d get a list of what needed to be done. The list was always longer than was humanly possible to achieve.Read Full Story

For new hires, employer vaccine mandates are more likely to be seen as a perk than a penalty

A Fast Company-Harris Poll found that 47% of working adults would be more willing to accept a job offer from a company that mandated vaccines. Americans are more likely to see employer vaccine mandates as a plus than a minus, according to a new Fast Company-Harris Poll.Read Full Story

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