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Start A Business, Get An MSc - The University That Wants To Be An Incubator

University hosted Incubators are commonplace but Falmouth University is seeking to do something different by offering a degree to those who join its business development program. And by 2030, the Vice Chancellor sees the whole institution embracing an incubator model.

Digital Identity: The Trending Tech Concept Changing How We Live

Whether you realize it or not, your “digital identity” exerts an increasing amount of control over your current and future opportunities. It’s time to restrict how your personal information is being used online.

2 Suggestions To Close The Gap Between Real Startup And VC Startup

Is a startup when a venture is just an idea and nothing else, or is it when an entrepreneur has developed a product, such as a cure for cancer, or is it a 6-year-old venture that has 10 banks and 25 fintech firms as customers, and has just received institutional VC? And does it matter?

Eight Entrepreneur-Recommended Methods For Creating A Timeless Brand

To create this kind of longevity, business owners will need to create brands that people like, remember and trust.

7 Lessons From Horror To Improve Your Content Marketing

Scary stories keep audiences engaged from beginning to end. Apply these classic horror-writing techniques to your content marketing to make it scary good.

Five Secrets To Building Brand Loyalty

If you want customers to remember your business, you need to build a loyal following. But loyalty isn’t something you deserve; customer loyalty has to be earned.

Problem-Solve Like A Pro

Think of it as showing your work on a math problem. Even if you arrive at a wrong answer, the fact that you can show the work you have done along the way still earns you points.

The Trend Towards Becoming A Benefit Corporation

See why an ever-increasing number of businesses are opting to become a B Corp despite the additional cost and complexity.

Eight Effective Ways To Show Consumers Your Brand Is Trustworthy, According To Entrepreneurs

When your company comes across as authentic and trustworthy, it helps you build strong, lasting relationships with customers and clients.

A Twist On The Office Surplus: OFFOR Health

Delivering care to patients in their local community – who have difficulty in getting the healthcare they need due to location, time, or economics.

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