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I’ve coached 35 heads of growth over the past 2 years. These 5 challenges keep popping up.

How long does the average head of growth stay in the same role? Two years? Three? Five??Sadly, I’ve noticed it’s more like 12 to 16 months.Why so much turnover? Because being head of growth is hard.If your company is underperforming (which is common right now with everything going on in tech), you might suddenly become the scapegoat. People expect the...

Tue Apr 18, 2023 17:35
Align Incentives for Growth Teams

Most employee incentives built in today’s companies are efficiency-focused. You execute at a certain level of productivity, hit your team or company KPIs and get rewards. For example:Reach a sales quota, and get a commission.Achieve a target stock price, and receive a bonus.Surpass a specific goal, earn a promotion…A requirement for these incentives...

Tue Apr 4, 2023 21:55
Figuring out the best growth team structure.

Before we start, let's all agree on the fact that there are successful growth teams in all possible structures. There's no right or wrong team structure. There is, however, the most likely to work for your company for that specific moment in time.The moment in time is a reflection of three main decisions:The Stage of the product/project The same company...

Mon Mar 20, 2023 22:02
Growth is not about post-its, it's about results!

As far as credentials go, Sid Apaya has a storied trajectory: worked as an Enterprise Transformation Lead at Nestlé, Brand Manager at Kraft Foods, General Manager at JM Smucker Co., Partner in Venture Accelerator EVA, and Global Director of Innovation at TerraCycle.Such experiences building and growing businesses have taught Sid timeless lessons on...

Tue Mar 7, 2023 14:45
Growth Systems and its Components

You read that growth study with the charts going up and to the right and it seems like it's working for everyone but you. You talk with a growth colleague and they tell you about the amazing program they created that 2x'ed their conversion rates in a week, but yours is still the same. You watch that growth series and it seems like all the experiments...

Wed Feb 8, 2023 14:47
Growth KPIs & Company OKRs: combining the two

Combining Growth OKRs with Company KPIsEnough with the alphabet soup, it’s that time of the year when companies are projecting goals, planning strategies, and aligning teams toward a unique mission for the next year. But, how can one combine something apparently uncertain like growth KPIs with the precision demanded by performance management methodologies,...

Mon Dec 5, 2022 12:55

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