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How to Generate More B2B Leads for Your Sales Team — Plus Expert Tips and New Data

HubSpot research shows 40% of salespeople view prospecting as the most difficult part of their jobs. It’s often the most critical barrier to meeting quota, and the ability to prospect effectively and bring in qualified leads is what will help reps move forward and succeed. Whether you’re a rep looking for fresh lead generation avenues or a marketer...

Wed Apr 10, 2024 15:15
How to Use BANT to Qualify Prospects in 2024 [Expert Tips]

Ask virtually any salesperson, and they‘ll tell you that lead qualification is one of the field’s trickiest, most delicate responsibilities. Not every prospect has the interest, urgency, and ability to buy a solution like yours — so asking the right questions to uncover whether a deal has legitimate potential is every bit as finicky as it is necessary....

Tue Apr 9, 2024 22:11
8+ Opportunities to Capitalize on The Legal Tech Boom

It takes a lot of apps to run a business these days. In 2023, the average company used 80 SaaS apps in their operations… talk about a tech STACK. One category that’s having a growth spurt: Legal tools. With 35% year-over-year customer growth and ~$30B in market size, legal tech is dominating the global workplace. Driving the trend are contract...

Tue Apr 9, 2024 04:11
9 Bad Sales Habits (& How to Break Them In 2024), According to Sales Leaders

Welcome to “The Pipeline” — a weekly column from HubSpot, featuring actionable advice from real sales leaders. Want more content like this? Subscribe to our newsletter. Nobody's perfect. Some of us miss trash day and have our apartments smell like swamp water for the rest of the week. Some of us forget our anniversaries and have to scramble to CVS...

Mon Apr 8, 2024 15:27
A Complete Guide to Successful Brand Positioning

If you scrape your knee, do you ask for a bandage or a Band-Aid? Successful companies like Band-Aid have one important thing in common: a strong brand positioning strategy. In fact, their brand names have become generic terms for all similar products in their niche. A strong brand positioning strategy is an absolute must for all businesses striving...

Mon Apr 8, 2024 14:25
Top Industries for Entrepreneurs in 2024 According to Our Trends Team

We’re sharing the top industries for entrepreneurs in 2024. Our Trends team has found data showing why these industries are booming. Plus, we’ve interviewed entrepreneurs who share their success in these industries: what they did, how you can do the same, and who these industries are best suited for. Table of Contents The 2024 Startup Landscape...

Wed Apr 3, 2024 17:47

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