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'Oh, people like to work late': 20+ Workplace red flags that scream, "Don't work here"

Don't accept that job until you've vetted the company well. I know it's hard not to accept the first gig that offers you a contract, but it's worth your time to spot red flags before signing on. One person mentioned another great one, which is having a lot of very young people who are running an older company. Young people are great, of course, but...

Sat Apr 13, 2024 22:31
'Why can't I get paid?': Boss uses rainy weather to justify delaying payment to employees

Bad bosses will come up with any excuse imaginable to justify their poor management skills. This manager messaged his employees and used the rainy weather to justify delaying payment to his employees. The Redditor's coworker was smart enough to ask why he was forced to work under these weather conditions and yet he couldn't get paid on time. Employment...

Sat Apr 13, 2024 21:44
'I stopped going the extra mile': Gen X employee finds peace when he quiet quits after realizing his workplace reality

Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that is shaking today's workforce like a punch to the jaw. While nepo-baby executives quiver in their leather chairs up in their ivory towers, quiet quitting provides a refuge for employees that many have never felt before. Minimum effort for minimum pay offers solace and peace to employees, especially when our alternative...

Sat Apr 13, 2024 20:25
'We both sink to the bottom': Betta fish funeral sparks roommate revenge, causing a feud that makes a friendship go belly up

This roommate taught their 'friend' a lesson about consequences that they'll likely never forget. After impulsively getting a betta fish in honor of the solar eclipse, the star of our next story was in for a roller coaster of emotions. They bonded with the fish, put them in a large bowl as a temporary home, and vowed that when they returned from work,...

Sat Apr 13, 2024 19:51
'Employees weren't happy with their wage': Department head informs employees she'd deduct their wages if she could, demands they "be mindful"

Be very very careful with anonymous surveys… you never really know if they're actually anonymous or not! In some workplaces, HR will send around anonymous surveys every now and then. They can address mundane topics, like asking if people want more employee events, and trying to take the temperature on morale. Other times these surveys are directly asking...

Sat Apr 13, 2024 18:43
Lawyer manipulates greedy commercial landlord into voiding his own contract: 'I know you were behind this'

Lawyers taking on landlords sounds like it's one of those franchise spinoff film in which two villains from different franchises take on each other to see who is the biggest and baddest baddie out there. You're not even really sure why they're feuding, but that's really beside the point of these types of films. You know, something along the lines of...

Sat Apr 13, 2024 17:34

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