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More hiring, because more quitting

This is a good example of things are not quite what they seem until you look at more data. Andrew Van Dam, for Washington Post’s Department of Data, looks into why it appears red states hire more than blue states. Tags: hiring, Washington Post, work

Wed May 31, 2023 11:14
A guessing game for place and time

Add another geolocation guessing game that I am terrible at. TimeGuessr shows you a photograph, and you guess when and where it was taken. Tags: game, guess

Tue May 30, 2023 12:41
Shortening baseball games

Baseball games grew longer over the decades, with the average length well over three hours in recent years. Ben Blatt and Francesca Paris, for NYT’s The Upshot, show how a few rule changes this season keep the ball moving for shorter games. Tags: baseball, time, Upshot

Tue May 30, 2023 11:09
How teenagers’ job ambitions have changed

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), run by the OECD since 2000, surveys teenage students to estimate the quality of education around the world. One of the questions asked: “What kind of job do you expect to have when you are about 30 years old?” For Vox, Alvin Chang walks through how the responses changed...

Fri May 26, 2023 11:39
✚ Visualization Tools and Learning Resources, May 2023 Roundup

Welcome to The Process, where we look closer at how the charts get made. Throughout the month, I look for tools and guides that might help you make charts faster and better and then round them up at the end. Here’s what bubbled up for May 2023. Become a member for access to this — plus tutorials, courses, and guides.

Thu May 25, 2023 21:47
Every Single Household Type in the U.S.

When you think of household types in the United States, the most common ones probably come to mind: single, married couple, married couple with a kid, or married couple with two kids. But there are thousands of others. Let’s look at all of them. Read More

Wed May 24, 2023 10:05

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