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Understanding the Raspberry Pi Pico’s Memory Layout

A few months ago I started updating TensorFlow Lite Micro for the Raspberry Pi Pico board, which uses the RP2040 microcontroller. I ran into some baffling bugs that stopped me making progress, but eventually I tracked them down to my poor understanding of the memory layout. Since I had to do a deep dive, I wanted to share what I learned here. ...

Tue Jan 16, 2024 07:01
Doom, Dark Compute, and AI

Back in 2020 Foone Turing caused a sensation when she showed Doom running on a pregnancy test. For anyone who remembered desktop computers from the 90’s, it was amazing to see a disposable device run something that used to take thousands of dollars worth of hardware. It’s not a fluke either – calculators, ATMs, fridges, and even keychains can...

Fri Jan 5, 2024 04:40
Why I Love my Chevy Bolt EV

I got my drivers license at 17, on the third attempt, but I never owned a car in the UK since I always biked or took public transport to work. When I was 25 I moved to Los Angeles, so I had to become a car owner for the first time. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, and so I bought an extremely used 1989 Honda Civic for $2,000 which I drove...

Thu Dec 28, 2023 03:59
Stanford’s HackLab Course

As many of you know, I’m an old geezer working on a CS PhD at Stanford and part of that involves me taking some classes. The requirements are involved, but this quarter I ended up taking “Hack Lab: Introduction to Cybersecurity“. I was initially attracted to it because it focuses on the legal as well as the technical side of security, knowledge...

Thu Dec 21, 2023 00:16
Little Googles Everywhere

Imagine asking a box on a pillar at Home Depot “Where are the nails?” and getting directions, your fridge responding with helpful advice when you say “Why is the ice maker broken?”, or your car answering “How do I change the wiper speed?”. I think of these kinds of voice assistants for everyday objects as “Little Googles”, agents that are great...

Thu Nov 30, 2023 05:10
Stanford CS PhD Course Choices for Winter 2024

As you might know I’m working on my PhD at Stanford, and one of my favorite parts is taking courses. For this second year I need to follow the new foundation and breadth requirements which in practice means taking a course a quarter, with each course chosen from one of four areas. For the fall quarter I took Riana Pfefferkorn and Alex Stamos’...

Tue Nov 28, 2023 05:01

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