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What happens when the real Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer lands in China?

I love Brad DeLong’s writing, but I did a double take when he recently commented “‘A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer’ continues to recede into the future“. The Primer he’s referencing is an electronic book from Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age novel, an AI tutor designed to educate and empower children, answering their questions and shaping their...

Mon May 15, 2023 06:18
Notes from a bank run

Photo by Gopal Vijayaraghavan My startup, Useful Sensors, has all of its money in Silicon Valley Bank. There are a lot of things I worried about as a CEO, but assessing SVB’s creditworthiness wasn’t one of them. It clearly should have been. I don’t have any grand theories about what’s happened over the last few days but I wanted to share some...

Sun Mar 12, 2023 15:25
Go see Proxistant Vision at SFMCD

When I think of a museum with “craft” in its name, I usually imagine an institution focused on the past. San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Design is different. Their mission is to “bring you the work of the hand, mind and heart“, and Bull.Miletic’s Proxistant Vision exhibition is a wonderful example of how their open definition of craft...

Sun Jan 15, 2023 07:09
Online Gesture Sensor Demo using WASM

If you’ve heard me on any podcasts recently, you might remember I’ve been talking about a Gesture Sensor as the follow up to our first Person Sensor module. One frustrating aspect of building hardware solutions is that it’s very tough to share prototypes with people, since you usually have to physically send them a device. To work around that...

Thu Dec 29, 2022 00:47
Short Links

Years ago I used to write regular “Five Short Links” posts but I gave up as my Twitter account became a better place to share updates, notes, and things I found interesting from around the internet. Now that Twitter is Nazi-positive I’m giving up on it as a platform, so I’m going to try going back to occasional summary posts here instead. ...

Mon Dec 12, 2022 06:11
Why is it so difficult to retrain neural networks and get the same results?

Photo by Ian Sane Last week I had a question from a colleague about reproducibility in TensorFlow, specifically in the 1.14 era. He wanted to be able to run the same training code multiple times and get exactly the same results, which on the surface doesn’t seem like an unreasonable expectation. Machine learning training is fundamentally...

Fri Nov 25, 2022 05:52

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