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Gotion unveils its Astroinno L600 LMFP battery

The Chinese battery maker Gotion unveiled more details on its new LMFP battery cell and pack.   Let’s see the press release.   New product release:Astroinno L600 battery can achieve a range of 1000km without relying on NCM material At the opening ceremony, Dr. Qian Cheng, the executive president of Gotion Global, announced the company’s latest...

Sat May 20, 2023 19:42
April 2023 – Good month for Volkswagen in the UK

The UK car market saw plugin electric vehicles take 21.9% share of sales in April 2023, up from 16.2% year on year. Full battery electrics grew strongly in both share, and in volume. Overall auto volume was 132,990 units, up 11.6% YoY, though still down from the roughly 170,000 pre-2020 seasonal norm. The UK’s best selling BEV brand in April was Volkswagen....

Wed May 17, 2023 21:07
April 2023 – Great month for the Volkswagen ID family in Germany

The German auto market saw plugin electric vehicles take 20.5% share in April, significantly down from 24.3% year on year. Full electrics, however, saw increased share, though were outweighed by a halving of plugin hybrid share, a result of recent policy adjustments. Overall auto volume in April was 202,947 units, 12.6% up YoY, though still one third...

Tue May 16, 2023 19:05
Renault Megane E-Tech battery details

If you’ve ever wondered which LG Energy Solution battery cells power your Renault Megane E-Tech, then this article is for you.   In the PushEVs Telegram channel, I was asked for details on the Renault Megane E-Tech’s battery, so I did some investigative work – as I used to do in the early days of this blog – and discovered that this electric car...

Sun May 14, 2023 05:56
April 2023 – Plug-in car market share continues to grow in Norway

Norway increased its plugin electric vehicle market share to 91.1% in April 2023, up from 84.2% year-on-year. The auto market is still settling down after policy changes that came in at the start of the year. Overall auto volume was 8,976 units,  down 7.7% year-on-year. The bestselling vehicle was, again, the Tesla Model Y.   This is the first time...

Tue May 9, 2023 19:18
April 2023 – BEVs dominated car sales in Sweden

Sweden’s plugin electric vehicle share reached 55.7% of the auto market in April, up from 48.2% year on year (YoY). Full electrics grew share strongly, whilst plugin hybrids lost share slightly. Overall auto market volume was 20,588 units, down some 6% YoY, and down 35% from pre-2020 seasonal norms. The bestselling full electric vehicle was the Volvo...

Mon May 8, 2023 17:51

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