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I was wrong — E3 is dead | Kaser Focus

GamesBeat's Rachel Kaser plays the dirge for E3, which appears to have finally given up the ghost, and looks forward to Tears of the Kingdom.Read More

Cybersecurity experts argue that pausing GPT-4 development is pointless

Cybersecurity experts argue the open letter calling for a pause on GPT-4 and LLM development will do little to address cyberthreats.Read More

Xbox Games with Gold users get Peaky Blinders game in April

Xbox Games with Gold announced which games are coming to subscribers in April. Users get Out of Space and Peaky Blinders: Mastermind.Read More

The evolution of Web3 and the year crypto got serious

Here's why, despite the current crypto winter, cryptocurrency will continue to make inroads into finance and much more.Read More

Automation does not mean elimination: AI’s role in job security

AI and automation are not threats to IT teams. Instead, they allow IT to showcase their value and importance within their organizations.Read More

21 devs and creators help make a game with 8-year-old Roblox creator

Timmeh IRL is pretty young as far as Roblox creators go. He's only eight years old, but he has more than 18,000 subscribers.Read More

How better use of data can improve compliance programs

Enhanced and consolidated data can provide a real-time snapshot of how effective and mature a compliance program is.Read More

Memories of E3 and moments of video game history | The DeanBeat

It was overdue and predictable. I'm not talking about Donald Trump's indictment. I'm talking about the cancellation of E3 2023.Read More

Working in cybersecurity and zero trust with Ericom Software’s David Canellos

David Canellos, president and CEO of Ericom Software, shares insights into helming a leading cybersecurity provider.Read More

Italy blocks ChatGPT, citing data privacy concerns, as calls for AI regulation grow

Today, Italy's data protection agency said it was blocking access to ChatGPT due to data privacy concerns.Read More

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