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Difflam throat spray launches craft-focused campaign

Cold and flu season is still upon us with sniffles coming at us from all sides. So Difflam, the throat and mouth spray, has aptly launched a new print and digital campaign to drive brand awareness with the help of VMLY&R. The Usual Sorespects employs three characters who personify a variety of classic sore throat symptoms. Featuring a cat, a boxer...

Vineyard Theatre’s new branding is never the same twice

The shapeshifting new branding is based around a framework that means the colour scheme, imagery and logo can be adapted for each new production – however the ‘Vineyard’ part of the logo will remain consistent. NB Studio has chosen a responsive typeface that can be stretched or shrunk, allowing the visual system to react to different shows. Flexible...

How much do you earn?

Every single person at How&How knows what their colleagues are being paid, from the most junior designer to the studio’s owners. The branding studio's co-founder Cat How discusses the pros and cons of total salary transparency

We’re all worldbuilders now

The world may be in flux, but people are responding by building new stories and ways of communicating. The creative possibilities are endless, says Dentsu Creative’s Keely Adler

Nike’s new Jordan ad charts a young girl’s rise to sporting stardom

In 1984, Nike signed a deal with a young basketball player who had just started playing with the Chicago Bulls. His name was Michael Jordan, and he would go on to become one of the biggest sports stars of all time. While the move marked the first time Nike had created a shoe specifically with one athlete in mind, it was a strategy that clearly paid...

Exposure: Tess Ayano

Japanese-American photographer Tess Ayano aims to make images to record what she feels rather than what she sees. We talk to her about her work, which crosses fashion, editorial and documentary

How in-house teams can attract the best creative talent

In-house teams are on the rise, but not all brands offer the same creative opportunities – we examine how to draw talent to your company, and keep it

The Undeniable Street View exposes the destruction in Ukraine

Created by a group of Ukrainian organisations – including United24, Voices of Children, Nova Ukraine and Vostok-SOS – The Undeniable Street View offers viewers an unprecedented insight into the destruction of residential buildings and other non-military targets since the conflict began a year ago. Functioning in the same way as Google Street View, users...

Why it pays to play it unsafe

Even in uncertain times, brands and creatives need to take risks to reap rewards: just look to history if you need proof

How Drive to Survive changed the game for Formula One

Ahead of the new season of Netflix’s behind-the-scenes docuseries, we speak to the show’s producers about how it is driving renewed interest in the F1 brand – and why other sports are taking note

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