Setting the Pace for Exchange Traded Funds
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3 Options Strategies for Equity Investing

Options-based strategies remain popular with equity investors in a year of ongoing market volatility and uncertainty. Advisors and investors need look no further than the recently launched Fidelity options-based ETFs for their equity investing needs. In the last several years, increased correlations between stocks and bonds proved challenging for traditional...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 20:09
Big Pharma Has the Firepower for Biotech Deal-Making

In the early innings of 2024, there was a flurry of consolidation in the biotech industry. It stoked hopes that this would finally be the year in which well-heeled blue-chip pharmaceutical companies would spend some of their cash on faster-growing biotech firms. That mergers and acquisitions activity has waned in recent months, but there’s still [...]...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 20:09
This Summer Could Bring Seasonal Gold Buying Opportunities

Market physics would eventually weigh down on gold as the precious metal has been unexpectedly rallying for much of the year. Despite prices heading lower, the start of summer could bring seasonal gold buying if history repeats itself. Gold prices year-to-date are up about 12%, essentially mirroring the rally in the S&P 500 though the [...] The...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 20:09
Three Ways the Yield Curve May Normalize

July will mark the second anniversary of the longest yield curve inversion in U.S. history, which is an anomaly when the yield on short-term Treasuries rises above the yields on longer-term. Higher short-term interest rates have been the catalyst for a large amount of assets flowing into short-term money market funds and Treasury Bills. Additionally,...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 20:09
Brazil Executive Order Pushes Soybean, Corn Prices Higher

An executive order by Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will limit the ability of the country’s commodity exporters to take advantage of tax credits, thereby hurting their bottom lines. In turn, this is pushing soybean and corn prices higher. “A surprising tax change in agriculture powerhouse Brazil has the potential to make soy [...] The...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 20:09
Outlook for ESG ETFs, Funds Surprisingly Strong

There is amount of criticism aimed at environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. Given that, it’s not a stretch to assume many infer the strategy and the related ETFs are falling by the wayside. In reality, that’s not the case. Actually, some experts believe the opposite is true and that long-term outlook for adoption of [...] The post...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 20:09

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