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Eye on Opec: what’s the cartel’s next move?

Also in today’s newsletter, senator from coal-rich West Virginia in the spotlight

Thu Jun 1, 2023 14:28
Nigeria president’s move to end petrol subsidies sparks chaos

Rush to stock up fuel causes long queues at service stations and immediate scarcity

Thu Jun 1, 2023 07:28
Korea Inc’s big battery bet on Indonesia at risk from US restrictions

Involvement with Chinese partners on nickel and other battery-related ventures could fall foul of IRA legislation

Thu Jun 1, 2023 03:22
Exxon and Chevron shareholders cut support for climate resolutions

Annual meeting votes highlight differences between investors at US and European oil companies

Wed May 31, 2023 22:22
Opec bans prominent media groups from Vienna meeting

Reuters, Bloomberg and Dow Jones are denied invitations in decision driven by Saudi Arabia’s energy minister

Wed May 31, 2023 21:21
Indonesia and Malaysia freeze trade talks with EU over palm oil

Bloc’s new rules on products that come from land cleared of forests deemed ‘punitive and unfair’

Wed May 31, 2023 19:53

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