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The best public speaking tool is one you're always carrying--a smartphone

Use a video camera to take your presentation skills to the next level.

What Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Workers Need from Employers

Trans and Gender Nonconforming Workers Could Benefit From These Company Changes. Here's How.

How Artificial intelligence (AI) will Disrupt the Consulting Industry

Here's what consultants can do.

Meet the Long-Awaited Financial Regulation That's Making Banks Nervous

Advocates of the CFPB's final rule believe it could spur investment for underserved businesses and help close lending gaps. Bankssay it'll hike costs.

New Report: Inflation Is Letting Up--But Be Prepared for a 'Bumpy' Road Ahead

Economists still anticipate recession in 2023, as increased service prices continue to drive inflation. But that doesn't mean it's time for business owners to panic.

5 Key Life Lessons You Didn't Know You Could Learn from a Workday

You can learn a whole lot from an ordinary workday. Uncover these five practical life lessons.

Leading with Purpose: Hamdi Ulukaya's Journey as an Immigrant Entrepreneur

Hamdi Ulukaya talks about his experience founding Chobani as an immigrant entrepreneur, and how he cultivates a community for the brand.

Economic Engagement Is the Answer for Employees

How can your company resolve Marx's four forms of alienation?

The Secret to Having More Energy As An Entrepreneur That No One Talks About

From physical strength to mental wellbeing, how you take care of the body impacts what you can accomplish in business.

Change Your Life, One Habit at a Time: How to Break a Bad Habit and Create a New One, Zero Willpower Required

To build a better business or career, start by building a better--and more consistent--you.

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