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Accelerating the discovery of new materials for 3D printing

A new data-driven system accelerates the process of discovering 3D printing materials that have multiple mechanical properties.

Study explores the decisions made by physicians in the delivery room, and why they may be making them

Clinical decisions made in the delivery setting as to whether to employ vaginal delivery or cesarean section are often made under high pressure, and with great uncertainty, and have serious consequences for mother and baby. Now, a new study of electronic health records spanning 86,000 deliveries suggests that if their prior patient had complications...

Filling the gaps: Connecting genes to diseases through proteins

Hundreds of connections between different human diseases have been uncovered through their shared origin in our genome, challenging the categorization of diseases by organ, symptoms, or clinical specialty. A new study has generated data on thousands of proteins circulating in our blood and combined this with genetic data to produce a map showing how...

Shedding light on mysterious jellyfish diets

Jellyfish have voracious appetites, and they aren't considered the most selective eaters. Almost anything that gets stuck to their tentacles winds up in the gelatinous sack that they use to digest their food. This 'take what comes' feeding strategy has clouded our understanding of which foods jellyfish survive on and how they fit in food webs. However,...

The gene behind an unusual form of Cushing’s Syndrome

The molecular causes of a particular type of food-dependent Cushing's Syndrome, a rare disease of the adrenal glands, are finally revealed.

Americans are eating more ultra-processed foods

Consumption of ultra-processed foods has increased over the past two decades across nearly all segments of the U.S. population, according to a new study.

How bacteria create a piggy bank for the lean times: Basic science discovery could lead to improved biomaterial production

Bacteria can store extra resources for the lean times. It's a bit like keeping a piggy bank or carrying a backup battery pack. One important reserve is known as cyanophycin granules, which were first noticed by an Italian scientist about 150 years ago. He saw big, dark splotches in the cells of the blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) he was studying without...

Key protein linked to appetite and obesity in mice

Researchers have identified a protein that plays a key role in how the brain regulates appetite and metabolism. Loss of the protein, XRN1, from the forebrain, resulted in obese mice with an insatiable appetite, according to a new study.

Researchers find few adverse health effects in wildlife exposed to low levels of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident

Between 2016 and 2018, researchers studied wild boar and rat snakes across a range of radiation exposures in Fukushima. The team examined biomarkers of DNA damage and stress and did not find any significant adverse health effects.

How to program DNA robots to poke and prod cell membranes

A discovery of how to build little blocks out of DNA and get them to stick to lipids has implications for biosensing and mRNA vaccines.

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