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What are Backlinks & How to Build Your Backlink Profile

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, are links from one website and linking to another. Learn more about what backlinks are, how search engines use them algorithmically, and how to build quality links to your site.

SEO Split-Test Result: How to Use Headings Effectively

We tested changing H3s to H2s on an ecommerce site. Check out the result of this SEO split test.

Building High-Performing Content Pillars: Your Ultimate Guide

Explore this guide to learn what are content pillars and how to build them in your company. You will also dive into some prime examples of pillar content from the web that successfully incorporate cluster strategy into their framework.

Major 2021 Semrush Updates: New Features to Power Your Marketing

Read about the biggest and best improvements we’ve implemented into our platform this year, and learn how they can be used to move your business forward.

8 Link Building Strategies You Need to Know

In need of quality, useful backlinks to your website? Try these 8 effective link-building strategies today.

[Study] How Are Companies Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

How do your future clients search for marketing agencies? We examined the top 100 keywords related to “marketing agency” by volume to find out.

How to Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Business (4 Steps)

Are you struggling to focus on your business AND do all of the marketing yourself? That’s where hiring a marketing agency can truly pay off. Dive into our quick 4-step guide to get started.

Explaining Google’s November 2021 Core Update

Google has announced a broad core update has started to be rolled out. We at Semrush have monitored changes within both mobile and desktop stats and are ready to share the results: check which industries and websites seem to be SERP winners and losers.

Beginner’s Guide to Meta Tags for SEO

Meta tags provide information about a webpage and directly influence how search engines view a website. In this beginner’s guide to meta tags, learn how to optimize your on-page SEO with meta tags. You’ll also get tips on the best tools to use. We cover basic title tags to robots and viewport meta tags.

The Result of an SEO Split-Test: Does Adding Your Brand or Target Terms to Titles Matter More?

Our hypothesis states that since many users are looking for employee information, adding terminology that connects to that user intent would lead to a higher CTR and thus more traffic.

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