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Mitigating Planar Gliding in Single‐Crystal Nickel‐Rich Cathodes through Multifunctional Composite Surface Engineering

A passivation shell, comprising a surface fast ion conductor Li1.25Al0.25Ti1.5O4 layer and a near-surface rock-salt region, is established through co-infiltrating Al/Ti into LiNi0.83Co0.07Mn0.1O2 (SNCM). The composite surface engineering effectively suppresses planar gliding and microcracking, enabling fast ion transport and improved structural stability...

Fri Feb 23, 2024 12:48
Polymers for Aqueous Zinc‐Ion Batteries: From Fundamental to Applications Across Core Components

Polymers serve as critical compositional materials in aqueous zinc-ion batteries. Their structure, molecular constitution, and hydrophilicity require special design for these water-involving batteries. This review covers complete research progress explicitly on polymer materials in the five core components of aqueous zinc-ion batteries, with the aim...

Fri Feb 23, 2024 12:48
Achieving a Quasi‐Solid‐State Conversion of Polysulfides via Building High Efficiency Heterostructure for Room Temperature Na–S Batteries

The MoC-W2C heterostructures embedded in freestanding multichannel carbon nanofibers prepared by simple electrospinning technique conveys superior performance when used as free-standing paper anode of room-temperature sodium–sulfur batteries. Meanwhile, a quasi-solid-state transformation mechanism is proposed and confirmed by combining experimentally...

Fri Feb 23, 2024 12:48
Unveiling Favorable Microenvironment on Porous Doped Carbon Nanosheets for Superior H2O2 Electrosynthesis in Neutral Media

The unique micro/mesoporous structure of the carbon nanosheets can facilitate the enrichment of oxygen to increase proton consumption, thereby forming a local alkaline-like microenvironment. As a result, the N,O-CNS0.5 sample exhibits excellent catalytic 2e− ORR activity in a neutral medium, with a minimal overpotential (50 mV), high H2O2 selectivity...

Thu Feb 22, 2024 11:47
Unlocking Charge Transfer Limitation in NASICON Structured Na3V2(PO4)3 Cathode via Trace Carbon Incorporation

A facile trace carbon incorporation strategy is proposed, successfully unlocking charge transfer limitation in Na3V2(PO4)3 Consequently, not only excellent electrochemical performances are achieved, but also mechanisms accounting for the remarkable performances are clarified. Besides, effectiveness of this tactic shows great potential to be broadened...

Thu Feb 22, 2024 11:47
Directing Fluorinated Solid Electrolyte Interphase by Solubilizing Crystal Lithium Fluoride in Aprotic Electrolyte for Lithium Metal Batteries

The feasibility of crystal LiF as salt in directly fluorinating SEI is verified, and its fluorination mechanisms as well as anti-acidification of electrolyte are explored. The dissolved LiF is encapsulated by solvent-/salt-derived organic skins to promote the fluorinated SEI. Meanwhile, the presence of LiF in electrolytes suppresses the production...

Thu Feb 22, 2024 11:47

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