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Employer accidentally messages "difficult" candidate their plans to hire them and let them go: 'It might be in your best interest to take your candidates off the email chains in the future'

There are always going to be certain things that are best off communicated to only their intended audience. For example, you'd probably hate to accidentally send your parents a text detailing your weekend plans with your friends or other intimate details about another personal relationship. No matter what age you are or how close you are to your parents,...

Fri May 24, 2024 02:55
New manager ‘quits’ after forcing impossible productivity goals at a call center which ultimately implodes workflow: ‘Customers were NOT happy’

Why do new managers always feel like they have something to prove? One new manager at a healthcare call center recently came into the workplace and completely imploded everything that was good about their working environment. Since many of their calls were sensitive in nature, many of the employees took great care in documenting their calls and giving...

Fri May 24, 2024 02:55
Boss and coworkers keep calling employee by the wrong name despite efforts to correct them: 'Time to start butchering their names'

Calling your employees by their preferred name seems like the bare minimum regarding proper workplace treatment. It doesn't really get more disrespectful than ignoring someone's constant corrections. This Redditor's name ends with an -a but is constantly referred to by a similar-sounding name that ends with an -e. If this were perhaps their first few...

Fri May 24, 2024 00:07
Crystal shop owner insists on help from customs worker, ignores giant fee: 'He wishes her a nice day and tells her the bill will be coming in the mail'

This woman found out the hard way that she got what she paid for. She just didn't know that she was paying for something in the first place! U/OneGlassOne had an excellent tale of malicious compliance to share. They and their coworker work in a line of business that deals with commercial imports. They write that people need to fill out lots of paperwork...

Thu May 23, 2024 22:40
'I want my $7!': Guy shorts pizza delivery driver, driver prank calls him incessantly until he gets his money

Here's a friendly reminder to always count how much money they pay you before walking away. This pizza delivery driver learned that the hard way when after parting ways with a customer at a gas station, he realized the customer was $7 under and it was definitely not an accident. Thankfully, he had this dude's number. Of course, the guy did not pick...

Thu May 23, 2024 21:44
English teacher loses her mother's entire estate after her lawyer turns out to be a former student who uses case to settle the score

Some people consider their high school years to be some of the best they have ever experienced, while others detest the memory of those years and everyone who contributed to making them so challenging to endure.The story down below is an account of a frustrated lawyer.  The original poster (OP), who is a lawyer, recently took on an estate matter that...

Thu May 23, 2024 21:00

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