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Twitch restores former President Trump’s Twitch account

Twitch has confirmed that former president and current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s three-year ban on the gaming stream platform has been reversed. A statement from Twitch confirmed the news about the status of Trump’s ban from the platform. “We reinstated former President Trump’s Twitch channel,” the statement read. “We believe...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 23:56
Samsung is freezing Galaxy Buds 3 Pro shipments amid quality control issues

Samsung has temporarily shut down Galaxy Buds 3 Pro shipments. With memories of its flaming hot (and not in a good way) Galaxy Note fiasco eight years ago, the company is halting the earbuds’ launch while “urgently assessing and enhancing” the product’s quality control, according to a statement shared with Engadget and Android Authority, which first...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 21:26
Another 'missing link' black hole discovered near the center of the galaxy

A group of international researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany recently discovered one of the rarest types of black holes in the universe. The researchers were observing a cluster of stars in the vicinity of a supermassive black hole named Sagittarius A (Sgr A) at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. They then discovered signs of an intermediate-mass...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 21:05
Schim is an inventive, beautiful platformer that's just a little too repetitive

Schim is one of the games I was most looking forward to this year, and I generally had a pleasant time with it. It’s a pretty platformer in which every object and living thing has a soul called a Schim. These frog-like critters live in the shadow of their host but can become lost when its object or creature is neglected, damaged or going through something...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 20:06
A nifty hack made Mario a playable character in 1994's Donkey Kong Country

Mario and Donkey Kong have been rivals, frenemies, go-kart competitors and tennis partners. The Italian plumber once kidnapped Donkey Kong’s son. DK once, uh, took over Mario’s toy company (?) and stole a bunch of little figurines for some reason. They have history. What they haven’t done, however, is appear as playable characters in one another’s platforming...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 19:46
Why an 'unexciting' galaxy could provide clues about the universe's evolution

NASA and the European Space Agency have released an image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope of a dwarf irregular galaxy that they admit looked "unexciting" at first glance. However, there's more going on than might initially meet the eye. The agencies say that a great deal of research is going into the "complicated structure" of NGC 5238, which...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 17:55

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