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2024 Chevy Camaro Wraps With Blacked-Out Collector's Edition

With the sixth-generation Camaro rounding out its final model year, Chevrolet has released the obligatory commemorative variant. The 2024 Chevy Camaro Collector’s Edition is effectively a blacked-out coupe whose real value lies in the prospect of it being extra valuable decades later due to its limited nature.  Though that’s not to suggest buying...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 09:16
2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid EX Review – Urban Crossover, Right Price

You might remember that when yours truly flew to California last year to drive the 2023 Kia Sportage, I didn’t get to spend more than five minutes in the hybrid version. I spent most of my day in the X-Pro, which I was lukewarm about.A full week with the hybrid showed me I was, indeed, missing out. The X-Pro Sportage is for “light” off-roading while...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 09:16
QOTD: How's That Buzz?

I was out of the office dealing with some routine medical stuff last week (I'm fine) so I mostly followed the unveiling of the Volkswagen Buzz via our TTAC story and social-media posts. As I dig further into it, I want to know what y'all think. Obviously, some of you unloaded your thoughts onto Chris's story, so consider this a second chance to...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 09:16
Shrewd or Crude? NHTSA Proposes Automatic Emergency Braking Requirements

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) floated the notion that every new passenger vehicle should come with automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems. It would seem that the stage is being set for another mandatory safety inclusion, with the NHTSA targeting universal implementation by the end of the decade. But adding...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 09:16
Used Car of the Day: 1987 Chevrolet Silverado K10

Here's a blast from the past -- I grew up around trucks like this. Today's UCOTD is a 1987 Chevrolet Silverado K10. That's the last year of the square body and the first of fuel injection. This truck has four-wheel drive and a long bed. The odo shows 71,000 miles but the owner thinks it's actually 171,000 miles.The seller claims the truck runs and...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 09:16
MD Provides RX for Gambling

Several states across this nation offer drivers a phalanx of options when registering a new set of plates for their vehicle. Most of them cost a bit extra with the additional simoleons being funneled to some sort of charity or a government slush fund. But only one offers you the chance to advertise gambling in the Philippines. Spotted by an alert...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 09:16

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