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'Sweet, sweet revenge': HOA unjustly tows car, faces threat of endless parking applications

Idiots have the uncanny ability to work themselves into petty positions of power, which they then rule over with an iron fist, completely ignorant of the fact that absolutely no one takes them seriously or even wanted that position in the first place. One could attribute this undeniably overly prevalent idiot phenomenon to possibly being due to the...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 20:39
Update: 'She wanted to talk to me about my “lack of respect for protocol”': Woman quits job after boss demands her first class seat

Traveling for work purposes certainly has its perks and its drawbacks. On the one hand, you get to see new parts of the world, network to expand your business, and get a break from your normal day to day life. On the other hand, you may have to travel with colleagues who you don't necessarily get along with… just like this person, u/scootindog. After...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 20:39
'Boss, it's only $100/month': Company offers a skimpy 'bonus' to employees in exchange for 24/7 availability and 12 hour work days

Bonuses are meant to be a congratulatory sprinkle of cash that comes as a gift from your company. It's on top of your regularly scheduled salary and it's how a business says "thank you" to their hardworking employees, but a lot of companies forget that, turning a bonus into some kind of leverage over the office minions. Some bosses see bonuses as either...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 17:53
'I couldn’t understand my trainer [and] couldn’t hear the customers': Nepo-Karen boss tells worker to take out their hearing aids, predictable result ensues

There's a reason why you're forced to show your work in math class. It's important that you can prove how you reached a conclusion to show that you comprehend the reasoning and aren't just blindly following the rule.Unfortunately, the same requirement is not translated well—or consistently—from the classroom to the workplace, with too many managers...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 17:27
Top Petty Stories of the Week (June 2, 2023)

Seasons may change and summer may have just begun, but pettiness is here to stay! These stories, which were compiled from Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit, illustrate a broad range of pettiness extending from the workplace to family to high school frenemies to strangers on public transit. Keep scrolling below for this collection of the top petty stories...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 16:21
A Collection Of Memes For Employees Working Overtime Due to Wages Crawling at a Snail's Pace

From rent to groceries to a measly cup of coffee, prices have been soaring through the roof, and the people suffering because of it sure aren't the rich. Ladies and gents, welcome to the 21st century, where buying a house is literally impossible, TikTok is all the rage, and social media is considered a job. It's frustrating to keep working at a place...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 02:55

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