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GitHub Copilot for CLI for PowerShell

GitHub Next has this cool project that is basically Copilot for the CLI (command line interface). You can sign up for their waitlist at the Copilot for CLI site. Copilot for CLI provides three shell commands: ??, git? and gh? This is cool and all, but I use PowerShell. Turns out these ?? commands are just router commands to a larger EXE called github-copilot-cli....

Tue Apr 25, 2023 22:42
Use your own user @ domain for Mastodon discoverability with the WebFinger Protocol without hosting a server

Mastodon is a free, open-source social networking service that is decentralized and distributed. It was created in 2016 as an alternative to centralized social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. One of the key features of Mastodon is the use of the WebFinger protocol, which allows users to discover and access information about other users...

Mon Dec 19, 2022 10:00
I got tired

I have been blogging here for the last 20 years. Every Tuesday and Thursday, quite consistently, for two decades. But last year, without planning it, I got tired and stopped. Not sure why. It didn't correspond with any life events. Nothing interesting or notable happened. I just stopped. I did find joy on TikTok and amassed a small group of like-minded...

Mon Dec 19, 2022 10:00
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Thu Mar 10, 2022 03:36

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Sat Jan 8, 2022 00:32
Using Home Assistant to integrate a Unifi Protect G4 Doorbell and Amazon Alexa to announce visitors

I am not a Home Assistant expert, but it's clearly a massive and powerful ecosystem. I've interviewed the creator of Home Assistant on my podcast and I encourage you to check out that chat. Home Assistant can quickly become a hobby that overwhelms you. Every object (entity) in your house that is even remotely connected can become programmable. Everything....

Sat Jan 1, 2022 03:10


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