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Adweek Podcast: Unpacking the Consumer Journey

In this week's episode of Yeah, That's Probably an Ad, community editor Luz Corona and Europe brand editor Rebecca Stewart are joined by Adeela Hussain Johnson, president of travel brand B?IS and Debra Chen, industry expert and host of the award-winning podcast The Great Fail. They discuss the key role the consumer plays in a...

Wed May 31, 2023 01:24
The Speed of Culture Podcast: Maximizing Brand Power

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, certain themes continue to hold steadfast importance: brand power, authentic communication and women in leadership. To navigate these dynamic concepts and uncover their significance in today's professional world, we sat down with Lara Balazs, CMO at Intuit. Balazs joins Suzy founder and CEO Matt Britton on...

Tue May 30, 2023 23:22
Brave Commerce Podcast: Driving Gender Equality and Diversity in Business

On this episode of Brave Commerce, Shelley Zalis, founder and CEO of workplace equality firm The Female Quotient, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss the importance of gender equality and diversity in business. Zalis begins by sharing her personal experiences as one of the two women on a board of 25 men,...

Tue May 30, 2023 23:22
OpenWeb’s CMO on Putting Trust and Safety at the Core of Brands’ Strategic Growth

Tiffany Xingyu Wang is a pioneering leader in marketing, innovation and advocacy, driving positive change at a global scale. As chief marketing and trust officer at OpenWeb, a company that builds online communities around digital content, she oversees marketing and leads trust and safety efforts. Xingyu Wang is working to reshape the blueprint of advertising...

Tue May 30, 2023 22:20
Snapchat Highlights ‘Advanced’ AR Lenses, Introduces AR Learning Hub

Snapchat is celebrating its Snap AR community by highlighting three "advanced" augmented reality lenses that show off different ways AR can be utilized by businesses. To start, the Seen Camera lens was created by journalism video publisher Seen.TV in consultation with design studio Modem. It encourages users to record videos where they share their own...

Tue May 30, 2023 21:20
Not a Seasonal Cash Grab: Brand Lessons on Engaging With Diverse Creators

As creators become a central part of humanizing a brand, it is even more important for companies to get clear about what they actually stand for, and what they stand against. The recent high-profile LGBTQ+ partnership failures by Bud Light, Target and the Los Angeles Dodgers should remind all brands that they must be willing...

Tue May 30, 2023 21:20


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