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I’m a Retired Neurologist. Should I Tell Someone I Think She Has Parkinson’s?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether it’s appropriate to offer an unsolicited medical diagnosis.

Fri Feb 23, 2024 22:29
Major Embryo Shipping Company Halts Business in Alabama

The decision means I.V.F. patients who want to transfer frozen embryos to another state may not be able to do so.

Fri Feb 23, 2024 20:02
Israel’s War in Gaza Could Lead to 85,000 More Deaths in 6 Months

Even under the most optimistic scenario, an immediate cease-fire, an additional 6,500 Gazans could perish, scientists estimated.

Fri Feb 23, 2024 03:20
Roger Guillemin, 100, Nobel-Winning Scientist Stirred by Rivalries, Dies

In the race to identify the hormones used to control bodily functions, he battled with his former partner. They later shared the glory.

Fri Feb 23, 2024 02:49
NY AG Urges Stricter Asthma Drug Warnings Due to Children’s Mental Health Risks

The A.G., Letitia James, called on the F.D.A. to redouble efforts to alert doctors about potential side effects of Singulair and to consider discouraging use of the drug for children.

Thu Feb 22, 2024 23:23
Accidents, Lax Rules and Abortion Laws Now Imperil Fertility Industry

Fertility clinics are routinely sued by patients for errors that destroy embryos, as happened in Alabama. An effort to define them legally as “unborn children” has raised the stakes.

Thu Feb 22, 2024 21:54


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