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Bilger's Rocks in Grampian, Pennsylvania

A "rock city" consisting of large blocks weathering out of an outcrop is common in arid environments, and not only can be an aesthetically attractive feature but a recreational resource. Such features are not common in a humid environment like the Appalachians, however, where weathering is more extreme and heavy vegetation tends to smother bedrock...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 22:37
Karla Caves in Karla, India

Lonavala is a hill station nestled between Pune and Mumbai in Western India. Monsoon season brings gushing waterfalls and sheets of heavy fog to the green hills. Atop a mountain around six miles east of Lonavala sit the ancient Karla Caves. Also known as Valuraka during ancient times, these caves were originally developed between the 2nd century...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 21:03
Pagoda of the Tree Spirit in Alishan, Taiwan

Every year, tourists flock to Alishan, a mountainous cloud forest in the heart of Taiwan, famous for its stunning "sea of clouds." Among the many visitors, few people stop to look at this unique monument. In 1935, the Japanese colonial government in Taiwan erected the Pagoda of the Tree Spirit to honor the souls of 77 loggers who died on the job,...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 19:28
Red Dog Sculpture in Paraburdoo, Australia

The Red Dog Memorial in Paraburdoo, Western Australia, stands as a poignant tribute to a beloved canine icon whose legend has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Erected in honor of Red Dog, a charismatic and loyal Kelpie cross, the memorial commemorates his remarkable life and enduring legacy.  Red Dog's story began in the 1970s when...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 19:28
Phare, the Cambodian Circus in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia has a long history of performing arts that share commonalities with what is grouped under the "circus" banner nowadays. And like many of the country's ancient artforms, these traditions of acrobatics found themselves oppressed and vilified by the Khmer Rouge regime of dictator Pol Pot during the late 1970s. Inspired and supported by Maoist...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 17:53
Napoleon’s Hat at Le Procope in Paris, France

First established by a Sicilian chef in 1686, Le Procope has claimed the title of the oldest restaurant in Paris (though it has not been operating continuously for the last three centuries). Over the course of that history, the café in the 6th arrondissement has hosted notable guests from Voltaire to Benjamin Franklin to Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact,...

Fri Jul 19, 2024 17:53

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