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Fungi join the list of organisms that can control when ice forms

Enlarge / A related species of Fusarium. (credit: Wikimedia Commons) While it may be the reason behind tires skidding, pipes bursting, and closed roads making traffic a nightmare, ice doesn’t always form as easily as it seems. It often gets an assist from proteins made by fungi.  Never mind the common thinking that ice...

Fri Dec 8, 2023 01:31
Google calls Drive data loss “fixed,” locks forum threads saying otherwise

Enlarge (credit: Google Drive) Google is dealing with its second "lost data" fiasco in the past few months. This time, it's Google Drive, which has been mysteriously losing files for some people. Google acknowledged the issue on November 27, and a week later, it posted what it called a fix. It doesn't feel like Google...

Fri Dec 8, 2023 01:31
EV battery swaps will be tested with the Fiat 500e in 2024

Enlarge / This is what Ample's battery modules look like. (credit: Ample) A small fleet of rideshare Fiat 500e electric vehicles will become testbeds for battery-swap technology in 2024. The experiment is being conducted by Ample, a startup working on battery swaps, and Stellantis, Fiat's parent company, the Verge reported...

Thu Dec 7, 2023 23:27
HP misreads room, awkwardly brags about its “less hated” printers

Enlarge (credit: HP) HP knows people have grown to hate printers. It even knows that people hate HP printers. But based on a new marketing campaign the company launched, HP is OK with that—so long as it can convince people that there are worse options out there. The marketing campaign hitting parts of Europe aims to present...

Thu Dec 7, 2023 22:42
Twitch exit from S. Korea is latest fallout from “sending-party-pays” model

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto) Amazon-owned Twitch plans to stop providing its streaming platform in South Korea, saying that fees charged by network operators make it impossible to run the service without a significant loss in the country. The shutdown is scheduled for February 27, 2024, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy...

Thu Dec 7, 2023 22:42
New systemd update will bring Windows’ infamous Blue Screen of Death to Linux

Enlarge (credit: hdaniel) Windows' infamous "Blue Screen of Death" is a bit of a punchline. People have made a hobby of spotting them out in the wild, and in some circles, they remain a byword for the supposed flakiness and instability of PCs. To this day, networked PCs in macOS are represented by beige CRT monitors displaying...

Thu Dec 7, 2023 21:56

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