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How Harmful Are Gas Stove Pollutants, Really?

Scientists are lugging sophisticated sensors into homes in 10 cities to measure and track the pollution from gas stoves as it drifts from room to room.

Wed May 31, 2023 02:01
Sacklers Can Be Shielded From Opioid Liability, Appeals Court Rules

The decision gives the Purdue Pharma owners long-sought protection, but it is a major step toward releasing billions of dollars from their fortune to states and communities to help cope with the costs of addiction.

Wed May 31, 2023 01:31
Elizabeth Holmes Reports to Prison in Texas on Tuesday

The disgraced founder of the blood testing start-up Theranos, who was convicted of fraud, turned herself in at a minimum-security prison in Texas.

Tue May 30, 2023 18:54
To Prevent Heart Attacks, Doctors Try a New Genetic Test

Polygenic risk scores could help patients, including younger ones, understand whether they really need early treatment for heart disease.

Tue May 30, 2023 10:11
2 Dead in Suspected Meningitis Outbreak Linked to Mexico

More than 200 others could be at risk from a fungal meningitis outbreak that has been traced to two clinics in Matamoros, Mexico, where people traveled for cosmetic surgeries, health officials said.

Sun May 28, 2023 23:10
Maternity’s Most Dangerous Time: After New Mothers Come Home

Recent research shows that most pregnancy-related deaths occur in the year after a baby is born. The discovery is changing how doctors care for new mothers.

Sun May 28, 2023 10:23

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