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How Sales Reps Can Use Generative AI to Sell Faster

It’s easy to be skeptical of AI in a job built on personal interaction. Like all disruption, generative AI in sales has the potential to completely change the way things are done. It also has the potential to rewrite it for the better. Generative AI is a category of algorithms that draws from large, unstructured data sets to create new content, including...

Tue May 30, 2023 15:30
Automate Your Busywork: Unlocking the Power of Workflows

Your to-do list is surprisingly misleading. Here’s why. A colleague and I were recently planning a work trip. For transportation, there were two options: a flight or a train ride. The flight was two hours and the train ride, four. Deciding based on practicality, rather than train nostalgia, most people would choose the airplane. But then again,...

Mon May 29, 2023 15:25
What is an Outbound Call & How Do You Make Them Effectively?

Your phone rings and you decide to pick this one up instead of letting it go to voicemail. You are greeted with a pitch from a pushy sales rep. Odds are, if you don’t want what they’re selling, you’ll hang up immediately. Even if you do, the pushiness is a turnoff and you might buy the product elsewhere or through a different sales rep. That’s why mastering...

Fri May 26, 2023 14:37
15 Real Estate Prospecting Tips for Reaching Your Market and Converting Customers

In real estate, you have to understand that prospects aren't going to appear out of thin air. You have to meet them where they are, or put yourself out there to whoever will see and value your services. This is a concept known as real estate prospecting. Building meaningful relationships in real estate is vital to converting them into loyal customers....

Fri May 26, 2023 14:37
LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index — Everything You Need to Know

In its 20th year on the market, LinkedIn remains an undisputable world leader in social selling and online business networking. As of early 2023, it boasts over 900 million users, with approximately half visiting the platform monthly. In short, if you’re not active on LinkedIn, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your business. The question...

Thu May 25, 2023 14:48
The Complete Guide to Closing Calls

A closing call is like the finish line of a marathon. It’s nerve-wracking for you and your prospect. It’s a call steeped in emotion for everybody involved. As a salesperson, you’ve invested a lot of time in your prospect by the time a closing call rolls around. You’re under pressure to meet quota, and losing a deal at the buzzer indicates to your...

Wed May 24, 2023 14:51

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