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What’s the “30/30/30 Rule” for Weight Loss?

Today, we’re diving deep into the viral 30-30-30 “rule” for weight loss. Recently, I noticed the 30/30/30 method blowing up on TikTok and Instagram. Here’s the video of Gary Brecka explaining the “30/30/30 rule to lose fat” in case you haven’t seen it: Let’s quickly recap what this “rule” entails, in case you missed the video. The 30-30-30 Rule:...

Fri Jun 21, 2024 17:48
What to do if you DON’T like to exercise:

I don’t really like to exercise. Okay, I kind of like picking up heavy weights and doing handstands. But I certainly don’t love “cardio.” Rather than nerd out about biomechanics, I’m more interested in anthropology and human behavior. Rather than going to run a 5K, I’d rather sit on my couch and play Fallout 4 I (just watched the show, it’s fantastic.)...

Mon Jun 17, 2024 16:51
What we get wrong about time

Today I’m going to teach you a valuable lesson about time from a giant tree. No, not Groot. Redwoods. If you drive down the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California, you’ll find yourself weaving in and out of some of the most majestic, gigantic redwood trees you’ll ever see. If you’re having trouble picturing this in your mind, think back to...

Mon Jun 10, 2024 22:05
Ulysses Pacts: STOP believing in yourself

Last week, I downloaded a new video game to play. And 30 minutes later, I uninstalled the game. Not because I didn’t like the game, but specifically because I liked the game too much. The game is called Dave the Diver, where you are a SCUBA Diver/Sushi restaurant owner. You spend each day diving and catching fish, and then each evening serving sushi...

Tue Jun 4, 2024 22:20
The 20 Seconds of Courage Challenge

As part of my operation “Revisit the past 15 years of Nerd Fitness,” and after writing about our ​Never 2 in a Row Rule​, I updated one of the most popular posts and ideas I’ve ever put together: ​20 Seconds of Courage​. What started as an obscure line from an obscure Matt Damon movie, We Bought a Zoo, has since become a rallying cry for the Nerd...

Tue Jun 4, 2024 22:20
The “Never Two in a Row” Rule

I was talking with a friend recently who said he had hit a bit of a plateau. We’ve all been there – that uncomfortable place where the scale stops moving, or the strength gainz slow down. Heck, I’ve even written a whole article about ​busting through a plateau​. As I’ve been revisiting the last 15 years of Nerd Fitness, I stumbled across an absolute...

Tue Jun 4, 2024 22:20

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