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'Everyone in line immediately started laughing at her': Entitled customer throws a fit after realizing she has to wait in line like everyone else

Kids sometimes have major meltdowns when they have to wait for what they want, and even some grown adults never outgrow that phase of their life. No one likes to wait in line, whether you're queuing up to buy a meal, purchase a ticket, or buy some new clothes. But lines are pretty necessary at most stores, of course. There'd be a lot of fighting going...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 23:34
'Your original pay is now void': Employee quits without notice, fast food manager tries to pay him minimum wage for final paycheck

Here is a friendly reminder that illegal contracts are still null and void regardless of whether or not you signed them. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by a former employee of a popular fast food chain. After quitting without notice, the employee remembered they had signed a contract stating that if this were to happen, they...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 22:05
'You are lying': Karen gets vanquished after trying to catch a free ride on the bus; she gets busted, refuses to leave, then gets arrested

When you're a kid, it's always fun to try to get away with stuff. Sneaking into movies, pocketing a candy bar at checkout, and watching scandalous late-night TV with your buddies combines the thrill of being caught with the reward of saving money– three kids piled up in a trench coat can all agree that sneaking into a movie theater for a free flick...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 21:00
Update: 'We’re not in a forest so who cares': Woman douses fire-starting neighbor's banned fire, ignites a feud

Just a pro tip for those of you looking to enjoy the comfort of an outdoor fire this summer… If there's already a nearby forest fire raging, throwing out enough smoke to choke your entire region of the country... just don't. Don't do it. Find something—anything—else to do instead, just as long as it doesn't involve starting a non-metaphorical fire in...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 21:00
‘This industrial sized barrel of pineapple juice’: 25 Top Mildly Interesting Moments of the Week (June 8, 2023)

The world is a wide and wonderful place, and no two people are living the exact same life — that's what makes these photos, which are just mildly interesting, so cool to see. This week on the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit, people from around the world shared their favorite slightly intriguing moments. A person from Iceland shared a midnight snapshot...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 19:24
'You can't park here’: Karen gets citation after demanding deaf woman move car to handicapped space, stating ‘normal’ spots are for non handicapped people

Parking lot debacles are becoming more commonplace, with Karens running rampant, who are quick to call the cops whenever they feel like being a martyr. Whether it is to gain some 'good person' points or because they're bored and in need of attention, it's something that is perplexing and frustrating for people worldwide. In this case, OP borrowed her...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 18:24

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