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Authentic Storytelling Is the Key to Influencer Marketing

As the creator economy continues to flourish--it's now valued in the billions--influencers are building brands by being themselves and letting people into the most vulnerable, authentic parts of their lives. At Bayer Consumer Health, vp of brand integration, PR, social media and influencers Denise Vitola believes the corporate world can learn a thing...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 15:30
As Search and Social Converge Marketers Spy an Opportunity

The way people find information online is going through major disruption. For marketers, it's also potentially very lucrative. Social platforms like TikTok and Instagram are introducing new ad formats to get in on the action long held by search giant Google. Growth in U.S. ad spending on search is expected to slow in the next...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 15:30
How London’s Iconic Transport System Is Going Global

There is perhaps only one transit agency on the planet capable of franchising its own brand, and Transport for London (TfL)--which runs the British capital's network of buses, trains, bikes and the Underground--plans to do so globally. The death of Queen Elizabeth II and accession of King Charles III has kept the spotlight on Britain,...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 15:30
Business Partnerships Can Be Fate, Suggests Brian Cox in Santander Ad

These days, business isn't just all about who you know when it comes to expanding internationally, but it can help. Companies face many barriers in growing beyond their native countries, and so international financial brand Santander has tasked actor Brian Cox with helping promote its corporate and commercial banking arm, which claims to offer the...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 15:30
7 Tips Search Consultants Have for Agencies’ New Business Strategies in 2023

Search consultants sit in a unique place in the industry, getting a bird's eye view of the evolving agency landscape, but also the changing needs of clients. Working well with them is a must for agencies, as search consultants control a steady flow of new business opportunities for agencies large and small. That's why the...

Fri Jun 2, 2023 00:26
The Authentic Way Brands Can Get In On Pop Culture Moments

This week saw the end of multiple prestige shows, with millions speculating about how they would end. Would their conspiracy theories be fulfilled? Would their hopes be realized, or would they soon pen vitriolic tweets denouncing the writers? As a massive fan of Succession and Ted Lasso (life is about balance), I met this week...

Thu Jun 1, 2023 21:29

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