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Meet the West African Baker Reshaping French Pastry

There are days when Amadou Ly barely sees the sun. ALF Bakery, located on the subterranean level of Manhattan’s Chelsea Market, opens at 9:00 a.m., but Ly’s day starts hours earlier, in the dark, in his glass-walled work station in front of a piano-sized machine called a dough sheeter. Lamination, the practice of incorporating layers upon layers of...

Fri Jun 9, 2023 01:00
ALF Bakery in New York, New York

Few sights are as mesmerizing as that of bakers methodically rolling fresh croissants each morning in this glass-encased kitchen hidden in the lower level of Chelsea Market. As with the best Parisian bakeries, ALF releases fresh batches of pastries and breads throughout the day, meaning the kitchen team works near ceaselessly from before dawn until...

Fri Jun 9, 2023 00:49
Patriarchate of Peć in Peja, Kosovo

The Patriarchate of Peć is an important religious and cultural institution in Kosovo. It is the historical seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church as well as the Old Serbian Kingdom and Empire, consisting of several medieval Serbian Orthodox monasteries, namely, the Church of the Holy Apostles, the Church of St. Demetrius, the Church of St. Nicolas and...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 23:08
Abandoned Castle Video Games in Blacksburg, South Carolina

Castle Video Games, a defunct casino building, definitely stands out in its environment. The castle features a stone exterior, an arched wooden door, a looming knight statue, turrets, and other cliché castle features. Even in its decades-long stretch into neglect, it’s standing strong, and it holds a kind of kitschy allure in its rural South Carolina...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 22:06
Hutchesons' Hall Statues in Glasgow, Scotland

Just west of Glasgow's centrally located George Square and City Chambers (where you can visit the building's ornate, marble-clad staircase) is the Merchant City neighborhood. The 30-square-block neighborhood is bounded by Ingram Street to Argyle Street and Queen Street to High Street. Architecturally, the neighborhood is most known for its former 18th-...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 21:06
On the Road? Share Your Pics of Roadside Attractions and Win!

You’re driving on Route 66 in the Mojave Desert and suddenly come across some Chinese guardian lions, or foo dogs. Are they a mirage? What about those giant fruits you spot from the bus on the main road of Konagi in Japan? Or the whimsical tin horses that gallop alongside a highway in Western Australia? Destinations are great, but summer road trips...

Thu Jun 8, 2023 20:15


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