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eu-stack Support and Other Improvements in pt-pmp of Percona Toolkit

pt-pmp is a profiler tool that creates and summarizes full stack traces of processes on Linux. It was inspired by and helped Percona Support resolve many performance issues. In this blog post, I will present an improved pt-pmp that can collect stack traces with minimal impact on the production environment. TLDR; Starting...

Wed Jun 19, 2024 21:45
Troubleshooting Common MySQL Performance Issues

MySQL databases serve as the foundation of countless applications, powering everything from simple blogs to massive enterprise platforms. But as these applications evolve and user bases expand, MySQL performance issues tend to pop up and ensuring smooth database performance becomes crucial. Fast queries mean happy users, while sluggish performance can...

Wed Jun 19, 2024 16:47
Partial Data Archiving and Schema Change

Starting from Percona Toolkit 3.6.0, pt-online-schema-change supports the option –where, so you can not only alter your table definition live but copy only rows that satisfy certain criteria. It may happen that you may not need to copy all the data when changing table definition. For example, if the table is too big and you […]

Wed Jun 19, 2024 00:01
How to Run Percona Everest Locally in a Dev Environment From Source

Percona Everest is the first open source, cloud-native platform for automated database provisioning and management. It supports PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL clusters. It enables multi-database and multi-cluster configurations and can be deployed on any Kubernetes infrastructure in the cloud or on-premises. Featuring a user-friendly web UI and API...

Tue Jun 18, 2024 17:00
Can Oracle Save MySQL?

I got quite a response to my article on whether Oracle is Killing MySQL, including a couple of great write-ups on The Register (1, 2)  on the topic.  There are a few questions in this discussion that I think are worth addressing.  AWS and other cloud vendors compete, without giving anything back, what else would […]

Mon Jun 17, 2024 17:04
Resume Your Failed pt-online-schema-change Job

Starting from Percona Toolkit 3.6.0, you can resume pt-online-schema-change if it was interrupted. This blog describes the prerequisites and usage of the new –resume option. To restart the job, you need to know where it failed. This is why the first option you must use is –history. It instructs pt-online-schema-change to store its progress in […]

Fri Jun 14, 2024 16:56


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