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Do you spend most of your day scrolling through a bunch of websites, searching for the news that truly matters? There’s no need to anymore. Try a brand new approach where the information comes straight to you while you focus on interpreting and transforming it into powerful stories!

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With Inoreader, your team can discover, consume and share relevant content, collaborate, and brainstorm on the go. This case study covers the experience of editorial teams currently using our Pro plan as part of their daily workflow.


Discovering information on essential topics and reviewing many sources in a manageable, time-saving manner.

  • Global search
  • Social listening
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Monitoring feeds
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Everything goes fast in the media – the information flow can sometimes overpower editorial teams and leave them swamped in a sea of news. Editors and journalists spend hours collecting information and turning it into meaningful content, constantly faced with the difficult task of filtering out the noise.

Given the dynamic state of online information exchange, the great variety of publishing channels, and social media’s ability to turn every user into a publisher, it gets harder and harder for editorial teams to focus on their core function – delivering quality, easy-to-digest, and visually rich content to their readers

Setting up your Inoreader engine

For individuals

All Team members enjoy the benefits of an Inoreader Pro account. These include social listening, automation, filters, article translation, and monitoring feeds for setting up the best content discovery engine.

Highlighters can help you spot important terms and news more easily in a busy feed
  • Step 1
    Add meaningful sources

    Each team member can follow the most relevant sources depending on the topics and sections they cover. Typically, a journalist would follow other media outlets and publishers, official sources, institutions, research journals, and NGOs. Once all channels have been added, you can organize them into folders. If you find that a significant source does not provide an RSS feed, you can use our Web feeds feature to convert regular web pages into RSS feeds.

  • Step 2
    Listen to social media

    Information is born on social media for most topics like politics, sports, and entertainment. Follow the accounts of analysts, influencers, companies, stakeholders, activists, institutions, and even celebrities. Add public Facebook pages and Telegram channels to your Inoreader account and supercharge it for easy monitoring and content discovery.

  • Step 3
    Subscribe to newsletters

    Use Inoreader to turn newsletters into feeds. Subscribe to the sources you follow in your inbox and receive their emails in your Inoreader account. It’s a double win – you don’t fill your professional inbox with newsletters, and you get to store, annotate, and share them with others in Inoreader.

  • Step 4
    Monitoring feeds

    Monitoring feeds are one of our essential features for content discovery – you set the phrases, and Inoreader will provide you with the most recent information. The monitoring is active, meaning you can add it as a regular feed, and it will keep updating you with new articles as soon as they appear.

Additional features like language filtering, removal of duplicate articles, and numerous automation options make monitoring feeds a must-have feature for journalists, researchers, and analysts.

With these four steps, you will be all set. You will start receiving updates from your feeds, and you can be sure that you won’t miss any meaningful information on the topics you cover. Keeping an eye on your feeds during the day will save you hours of unnecessary scrolling.

On team level

Unlock the power of collaboration with an Inoreader Team plan. Once added, each team member can discover relevant content and share the most valuable insights with others to collaborate on. For journalists and authors, this could mean sending handpicked articles to the respective Team channels, where the editors would decide which story is of fundamental importance and take further steps.

Feed bundles are a great way to onboard new team members and share the sources you’ve already picked with them
  • Step 1
    Set the Team

    All users go through their feeds and monitoring feeds.

  • Step 2
    Create Team channels

    The admin can then create some Team channels and invite respective members to join them. If your organization uses Microsoft Teams or Slack, you can integrate both with Inoreader to facilitate easier content distribution among platforms.

  • Step 3
    Enhance the experience with Bundles and Email digests

    All Team members can create Bundles. A Bundle is a collection of feeds that Team members can subscribe to with a single click. This provides excellent onboarding solutions for new members who can add the preselected feeds at once and start discovering content immediately without wasting time searching for relevant sources to follow themselves. You can utilize email digests to send information to internal or external stakeholders who aren’t using Inoreader. Pick the source (a feed, folder, or other section of your account), set a schedule, and automate the process.

And there you are, good to go! All team members can now follow the best sources and collaborate by sharing insights. The editors can then review the curated content and decide how to proceed. The focus can switch toward content production, and you can invest the time saved in improving storytelling.

The typical workflow

  • 1

    All users go through their monitoring and other feeds

  • 2

    Relevant content is added to a Team Channel

  • 3

    Editors review articles and decide on future activities

Editorial wins

  • Step 1
    Saved time from browsing and searching

    Enjoy access to all sources you need in a single place – no need to manually search the whole web and collect articles anymore.

  • Step 2
    Work with the relevant information only

    Cut through the noise-generating and fake news-producing sources. Keep the quality of your production high.

  • Step 3
    Increased efficiency in content discovery

    Allow yourself more time for storytelling and creative ideas by optimizing content discovery.

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