Изграждането на вашата емисия с новини струва по-малко, отколкото си мислите
Идеално за начинаещи. Абонирайте се за RSS емисии, търсете във вашите статии, получавайте известия от Google Новини и персонализирайте своя изглед.
Безплатно завинаги

Не е необходима кредитна карта

Създаване на акаунт
Създавайте мониторинг емисии, прилагайте филтри и правила и се абонирайте за имейл бюлетини. Следвайте социални медии и уебсайтове без RSS.

Годишно таксуване, или $9.99 месечно

Надграждане до Pro
Създайте план, който отговаря на вашите нужди, с нашите специални добавки (уеб емисии, мониторинг емисии, подсилени емисии и други функции) и достъп до нашето API.

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Discover content

Get the best from the web in a single place

RSS feeds
Follow websites with publicly available RSS feeds.
Web feeds & Track changes
Follow websites without RSS and monitor visual or textual changes like price fluctuations.
Saved pages
Collect pages from across the web and keep them to consume later.
Newsletter feeds
Declutter your inbox by getting your newsletters as regular feeds in Inoreader.
Password-protected feeds
Follow RSS feeds from private systems that require Basic or Digest HTTP authentication.
Featured collections
Explore collections on different topics and find the best sources curated by our team.
Trending articles
See what's currently trending among other Inoreader users (daily and weekly).
Facebook pages
Follow public Facebook pages and get their updates the minute they're posted online.
Telegram channels
Browse and follow public Telegram channels to get unfiltered news.
Subscribe to user feeds from the most popular social network for Russian and Ukrainian speakers.
YouTube sync
Sync your YouTube subscriptions with Inoreader to get all the content you follow in one place.
Google News alerts
Follow Google News searches for keywords and topic updates in different languages.
Monitoring feeds
Stay in the know by keeping track of people, brands, companies, emerging trends, and events.
Global search
Discover articles not only in your feeds but within all publicly available sources in Inoreader.
Search in feeds
Search for articles previously collected by your feeds.
Search by language
Search for articles and feeds in more than 25 languages.
Push notifications
Receive mobile push notifications for important updates based on your own preferences.
Boosted feeds
Get new articles from selected feeds faster with the increased refresh interval option.
Organize & consume

Filter out the noise and enjoy content your way

Execute actions based on article properties. Assign tags, send push notifications, and much more.
Content filters
Remove or allow articles to appear based on conditions defined by you.
Duplicate filters
Prevent the same content from appearing repeatedly in your feeds by using duplicate filters.
Build your own custom dashboards with updates, trending articles, and statistics.
Collect feeds on different topics in separate folders for a clean and organized view.
Label incoming articles with specific subtopics and categorize your content accordingly.
Speed up your reading by picking phrases to be automatically highlighted in texts.
Highlight important sections in your articles, add your own thoughts, and revisit them later. Optionally export them to Readwise.
Read later list
Save articles to read later and collect all starred items in your library.
Magic sorting
Sort the articles that are most popular and relevant to you on top of your list.
Bulk operations
Save for later, tag or share multiple articles at once.
Control folders' unread duration
Decrease the duration for which folders retain unread articles and override the default 30-day configuration.
Custom CSS
If you are familiar with CSS, you can customize your account beyond the default settings.
Load full content
Forget about pop-ups, cookies, and poor UX. Extract the full content of articles in Inoreader.
Full content persistence
Once loaded, you can keep the full content of articles in Inoreader, translate and annotate them.
Article translation
Consume content the way you prefer by translating articles into more than 30 languages.
Text-to-speech conversion
Convert any text to audio and listen to articles and queued playlists on the go.
Background audio player
Listen to articles and podcasts without interrupting other activities.
Offline reading
Access the articles you have gathered in our apps without an internet connection.
Collect & distribute

Keep valuable insights and share them with others

Broadcast articles
Create a public feed of your favorite content and integrate it with your personal blog or website.
Send to email
Send articles as links or PDF files to select recipients.
Output feeds
Create custom RSS feeds or HTML clips from your folders, tags, and team channels to share with others.
IFTTT integration
Save time and stay productive by supercharging your Inoreader account with IFTTT automations.
Zapier integration
Use Zapier to connect Inoreader to more than 1500 apps in ways that work for you.
PDF export
Convert articles into PDF documents and save their full content on your device to read later.
Save to other platforms
Export articles to Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Instapaper.
Maximum guaranteed refresh interval
Users on our Pro plan are guaranteed that their feeds will be updated at least once every hour.
Programmatic API access
With our API, the developers in your company can turn Inoreader into an information backend.
Peace of mind

For an unobstructed, distraction-free experience

Ad-free view
Remove ads for a focused and uninterrupted user experience.
Priority support
Be first in line when contacting our support team.
Automatic OPML backups
Automatic backups of your feeds and folders ensure you can restore your content anytime.
Secure image proxy
Directing your image requests to our own servers protects you from potential personal data leakage and censorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

We support all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

By default, all subscriptions (monthly and annual) are recurring. This means that they will be automatically extended on their end date. If you want to prevent auto-renewal, you need to disable it from the billing section of your account.

If the payment is unsuccessful, you will receive an email and an onscreen notification within Inoreader. The payment attempt from your credit card/PayPal account will be retried multiple times throughout the following week. During this period, your access will be unaffected, and you will be able to use premium features.

If you cancel your Pro subscription, your account will be downgraded, and limitations will apply. However, all premium features exceeding the limits will remain but will be deactivated. When you upgrade your account, your Pro features will be enabled again and continue working as before.

You can do that by accessing Subscriptions in your Apple or Google account. Your Inoreader subscription should be listed there. You can also do that from the Inoreader app by going to Settings > Pro features > Manage subscription

You can do that by visiting our Upgrade page and choosing Build plan on the Custom tier. You can then select the feature and limits you would like to increase.

Yes, you can add your business info at the checkout by choosing the Are you a business option and entering your business details. After this, you’ll start automatically receiving invoices for your payments. If entering your business info isn’t convenient, or the payment has already been processed, you can contact us no later than five business days and ask for an invoice.

With the new limits, your current subscription will be prorated, meaning you will only pay the price difference between the two plans for the prepaid period.

If you purchase a subscription plan from Europe, VAT will be applied. The VAT rate depends on your country of residence and will be added to the Inoreader price. If you are VAT registered, you must add your company data and will not be charged.

Yes. You can get a refund on an annual payment within seven days of your purchase. No questions, no explanations. Your payment method will be credited with the full amount of your purchase.

If you have an active subscription, you can use Inoreader in your browser and on our iOS and Android apps.