Съдържанието може да е цар, но ние, гражданите, също имаме права

Следвайте уебсайтове и създатели

Съберете важното за вас съдържание и се насладете на най-доброто от интернет на едно място.
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Monitoring feeds

Бъдете информирани, като следите хора, марки, компании, нововъзникващи тенденции и събития.
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Социално следене

Следете марки и творци във Facebook, Reddit, Mastodon и Telegram без алгоритми.
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Но чакайте, има още:

360 brand monitoring

Automatically gather articles, brand mentions, market updates, and customer reviews.

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Subscribe to newsletters

Declutter your inbox by getting your newsletters as regular feeds in Inoreader.

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Global search

Discover articles not only in your feeds but within all publicly available sources in Inoreader.

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Google News alerts

Follow Google News searches for keywords and topic updates in different languages.

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YouTube sync

Sync your YouTube subscriptions with Inoreader to get all the content you follow in one place.

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Discover feeds

Explore featured collections on different topics and find the best sources curated by our team.

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Save articles

Collect articles from across the web with a single click and keep them in Inoreader to read later.

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Track changes

Monitor websites for visual or textual changes like price fluctuations and product availability.

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Browser extension

Save the best from the internet in Inoreader while surfing online and come back to it later.

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